Soft Memory Foam Pillow Full Angle View

Gabriela – Soft Memory Foam Pillow

Gabriella is a Soft Memory Foam Pillow that us convoluted and has breathable memory foam. It does not just keep the freshness of the bed but it also provides firm support to help relief stress

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Not enough support from your pillow? We are here to help you. introducing the new Soft Memory Foam Pillow

The Soft Memory Foam Pillow comes from a little pouch, wake up in about 40 minutes. Then you will enjoy the breathable, soft yet very supportive pillow for your sleep. 

There is no need to have a pillowcase. The detachable cover itself is a pillowcase and it comes with a detachable shell so you can always take off the shell to clean. 

Inside this Soft Memory Foam Pillow is the new memory foam that will be used to fit head shape and height to provide even support and reduce backpain, headache and help with a peaceful night sleep. No more waking up at night.

Unlike regular pillows, memory foam offers superior comfort and pressure relief, perfect for those who struggle with neck, shoulder and back pain. memory foam is not as stuffy as most people think and it will make sure that your head does not get too warm in the night.

The size of 45×70 cm give you enough room so the head will never roll off the pillow. 

Features include:

  • All new memory foam
  • Detachable shell
  • Memory foam pillow with medium firm support
  • come to you in a reusable pouch.
  • size 45 x 70 cm

What is in the package:

  • 1x Gabriela Memory Foam Pillow