Copper Memory Foam Pillow Full Angle View

Emma – Copper Memory Foam Pillow

Emma is a Copper Memory Foam Pillow. It is convoluted and breathable memory foam. The Copper memory foam is not just for the freshness of the bed but to also provide firm support to help relieve stress

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Pillow is playing very important roll in sleeping. Rainbow Home brings another innovation of Copper Memory Foam Pillow called Emma. 

Emma pillow comes in a Copper Memory Foam which means it contains copper elements, green tea elements and charcoal. Copper elements known as natural antibacterial agent, they help to keep the pillow clean and they also help to enhance Metabolism. 

The green tea through its aroma and its beneficial properties, grounds the sleeper’s spirit to promote restful sleep. Additionally, it boosts the immune system, opens the sinuses, relieves tension, and prevents colds and flus.  

Charcoal element helps regulate moisture, odor and temperature. This pillow softens up when pressure and heat is applied and they would mould to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders for personalized support.

This fusion memory foam pillow comes with a detachable and washable pillowcase made out of Tencel fabric. It is very breathable and soft. You don’t need to buy additional pillowcase for it. 

Buy yours today and feel the melt on Emma pillow.

Product size 45×70 cm. 

Features include:

  • Fusion memory foam with Copper, Green Tea and Charcoal Elements. 
  • Tencel fabric pillowcase (detachable and washable)
  • Roll packaged in a reusable pouch for convenience.